About True Vision DesignsTrue Vision Designs is a small but capable Internet consulting company, with combined experience of over 30+ years. We have members working here in our Atlanta office and abroad. We provide numerous Internet-related services, such as web design, mobile application development and social media marketing.

Because we are a small studio, We only take on projects from clients committed to developing high-end web sites and gaining real social media exposure.

Why the name TRUE VISION???? Our founder Taurea Avant believes that nothing great can happen without have two kinds of vision.  Of course you need to be able to see with your physical eye but most importantly our goal for our clients is to be able to create something that will be great for the the physical vision but also to build your business and increase your exposure. We here at True Vision Designs believe the only way this can happen is also being connected with a vision for where your company is going. We also believe that in order to connect with your target audience, you need to connect with proven designers who have true vision of what it is that you want. In our consultation we discuss your goals for your website and if you don’t know NO WORRIES… We will help you identify your goals!

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