7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media

socialmedia-for-social-good-japan-tsunami-nationalturk-0345Social Media is absolutely vital when it comes to success today! If you are serious about taking your business to the next level it’s not just enough to post to your timeline. You have to learn how to be able connect with your target market as well! In this post, we have taken the time to give you seven main reasons why you should most definitely be on social media!

1. Social media posts can be used to drive targeted traffic.
Your number one goal when utilizing Social media should not necessarily be about getting new friends, followers and/or connections. It should really be about getting people to redirect to your capture page so that they can subscribe to you. The goal in your social media content should be that to give enough value to get people to be interested in seeking more from you. When done right, you can drive tremendous traffic to your website and convert targeted and qualified prospects for your business.

2. Using social media for business boosts your site’s SEO.
SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is what really allows you to be one of the top found websites when somebody Google’s certain keywords. If you’re using your social media the right way, you will help to increase your brand awareness when a certain key word is searched. For example, if you teach people how to lose weight and you’re using the right key words within your social media it increases the probability of your website actually popping up on the first three pages of Google or any other search engine.

3. If you’re doing it right, social media will lead to real relationship building.
The keyword in social media is the word social. Unfortunately a lot of people have forgotten that social media was not originally created to spam people about your business all day long. The purpose of social media is all about socialization. If you want to be great at social media, you also have to learn how to build the right communication with other individuals. If it’s done right, you can let people into your world so that they can build a connection with you and also want to be able to connect with you. We find that more people are willing to invest where they know, like and trust the company.

4. Social media ads allow targeting and retargeting.
Another incredible resource that you’re able to utilize with social media is the tool of retargeting your audience. For example, retargeting-1Have you ever gone to a website and did a search for something like let’s say “pots”? And then you went on to Facebook and for some reason you were seeing the exact thing you were searching for right on your Facebook timeline. What that is called is retargeting. The company has simply put in a special code that has now allowed for anybody who visit your website to be engaged to your website again. The truth is is that the average person takes at least 5 to 7 even up to 10 exposures before they make a decision to buy. With social media being that we know it and if everybody is going to go to their social media page, why not continue to put yourself in front of that person who is already visited your website?

5. Social media can help you get noticed at events, and even generate earned media coverage.
There are many ways that you are able to leverage your social media to get you noticed at events as well as with media. The first thing is that you must remember that your contents is everything. If somebody goes to your social media timeline, you want to make sure that they understand exactly what it is that you do. When done right and you are able to retarget people to your time-line it also can increase your exposure and opportunities to be on the media and more!

6. Your competition is getting social, so you should too.
Let’s be honest with ourselves. Social media is everything today. The average person will check their Instagram at least 10 times in a day. When it comes to Facebook the average person will check their Facebook up to five times in a day. You have to be on social media because that is where the market is going to.  There are now more smartphones that are active in the world than there are people. So with technology and the fact that you can get on social media by simply clicking a button in a matter of seconds, it makes sense that you get on social media. But also what’s important to remember is that your competition is also on social media. Dont allow somebody that is in the same industry as you to be in front of your target market and you are not. One of the things that we have seen from many clients is that they may go to an event and share some incredible information. Then the next thing you know that person goes on social media and see somebody else that is also promoting the same services or products. Because they remember the information you gave them, they understand the value in the product but then they actually buy from that person who is engaged on social media.

7. You’ll find customers you didn’t know existed.
Because the reach of social media all over the world you will end up finding there are several people out there looking for you that you never even knew. When done right, your social media can help you with converting many people from all over the world. Now the important thing to remember here is that your content is important. The way your profile looks is important. Your communication is also important. There are so many elements that come to really being successful in social media that you must keep in mind.

There are three major ways that you can manage you social media.

  • You can do it yourself which if you dont know what you doing can be very time consuming and costly. We do offer an online course to help you learn the tools and techiniques for building your social media. Go to www.SystemMastery.org for more details on our online social media course.
  • You can outsource others do so. The challenge with this is the same as doing it yourself. You must really know how to instruct your team because where you are not specific, they will do things they way they want and you may end up with a lot of mistakes and have spent a lot of money. We also teach you how to outsource the right way with our online course.
  • You can hire us! Of course we would love to help you grow your social media profiles! For more information about our pricing simply click on our services tab so you can get started with us today!