7 Key Tips to a Dynamic Capture Page

simple32-320x240When it comes to your capture page, you want to make sure that within the first 5 seconds you were able to capture the information of your visitor. This is going to be very critical in the regards to your marketing efforts for your business. Here are 7 Key Tips to a Dynamic Capture Page

1. Define your campaign goal and target audience

It is so important that you know number 1, the goal for your campaign. You need to know how many conversions are you looking to get done. Pay attention to how many people are actually visiting your site and who are actually converting. The next thing you need to know is who your target audience is. One of the biggest mistakes that most entrepreneurs make, is they never take the time to identify who their target audience is. They don’t do research. They don’t know what it is that they (target audience) want. They don’t know the challenges that they (target audience) are having. They don’t know what websites they (target audience) visit. If you don’t know this information, it is very difficult to be successful with your capture page. Because soon as somebody comes to your website the first thing that you want to happen is that you’re able to identify their pain points.

2. Define your HOOK and use content marketing strategy

Your hook item is going to be the value that you give away in exchange for somebody giving you their name and email. Another mistake that a lot of people make is they think that people are going to sign up for their email list without offering them anything and exchange. Today because there are so many people with email lists, you have to separate yourself by giving value. Another great thing is that when somebody subscribes with whatever your hook item may be, you know that this is somebody that is qualifying themselves to be a potential customer. Your hook item can be anywhere from a free e-book, webinar, sample of your product or even a discount coupon to what it is that you sell.

3. Define form fields

It is important to focus on the form fields so that prospects do not get frustrated. Don’t try to acquire the entire information in one go. Instead of trying to get every single thing about this person, start up with getting their name and their email. Then it should progress with sending them valuable content over time through your emails, then you are able to get more information and very soon that credit card.

headline-240x1894. Choose an attractive title (headline)

Titles are everything. Again there’s so much marketing going on in the world today that if you’re not able to stand out with an attractive title, you will not get noticed. You may have somebody come to your capture page but again if the title is not drawing them in they will quickly leave. Your title in most cases will make a promise of some kind or even identify that pain point and/or challenge that this particular Prospect is dealing with.

5. Don’t overlook trust elements

Trust is the key to success. Your visitors need to believe you before they engage with your page. Trust elements, like download count, registrations count, social media elements, testimonials etc are quite useful.

6. Have an attractive design and layout

The landing page design should be simple and attractive to help users get the right information without confusion. Bullet points are a great way to explain the features or benefits and offer people the needed information in a simple way.

7. Relevant and actionable CTA

Call-to-Action on the landing page is critical in letting people know what they need to do to get the next step and how they can do it. Providing a clear CTA will allow them to get to the next step without hassles.

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